Terms and Conditions for Retailers

By placing an order you agree on our terms and conditions. Please remember to keep your contact information on your profile up to date, as orders will be shipped to the address on file. For clients in the EU, please provide us with your VAT number.

Our first time minimum order is £200, excluding VAT. Thereafter orders must be £50 excluding VAT. We offer free shipping within the UK on all orders over £250, and in the EU on all orders over £500.

The estimated processing period is between 2-6 weeks. As soon as the order is ready you will receive an email.

Prices are shown in Sterling, excluding VAT. VAT will only be charged to customers in the UK.


Our payment terms are shown on the invoice, and are typically 30 days. For the first order, however, we require full payment of the invoice before shipping. We will email you the invoice, and the goods will be held for you for 21 days pending payment. If you haven’t paid after 21 days, we reserve the right to reallocate the stock to another order.

Bank transfers are our preferred method of payment. Payment using a credit card or PayPal will incur a 3% surcharge. We only accept full payments. Any additional bank costs are charged to the customer.

If payment is late, we reserve the right to cancel the order, and/or suspend any further delivery until payment has been made in full.

Returns and Damage

All goods and invoice must be checked upon delivery of the order. Laviandbelle must be notified of any shortages, incorrect or damaged goods within 7 days, or claims will not be recognised.

Damaged goods can only be returned to Laviandbelle by the retailer’s customer with agreement from Laviandbelle. We offer a one-month warranty from the customer’s purchase date.

Complaint procedure is as follows. Please send us an email at laviandbelle@gmail.com . The email should include the product name, description of complaint, purchase date and a photo of the defect. Upon receipt of your email Laviandbelle will make a decision on a case by case basis. If Laviandbelle decides that it is appropriate to provide an exchange, repair or credit the item, shipping cost will be borne by the customer or retailer. Please note that any damage due to water,
perfume, incorrect handling or regular wear will not be credited.


Exclusivity is dependent upon your shop location, and is done on a case to case basis. Other influential factors include the regularity and quantity of orders. We are very careful to avoid over-exposure and competition between shops in a limited geographical area. Because of the diversity and size of our range, Laviandbelle is confident that we can offer shops within the same area unique ranges that can be geared towards the shop’s typical customer.

Sales and Prices

The retail shop listed in your application to sell Laviandbelle products is the only store that you are authorised to sell in. Secondary shops must receive our prior approval. You are not allowed to offer our products on online 3rd seller platforms such as Ebay, Not on the High Street, Hard to Find, Amazon or similar 3rd party websites without prior approval.


We are very happy to share our professionally shot and/or social media images to the buyer for use on your website or any other social media, but please note that the images are owned by Laviandbelle. Furthermore Laviandbelle must agree to this usage. You are of course free to use your own images of Laviandbelle products, but we would appreciate it if you tagged us on social media with the handle @laviandbelle.