Laviandbelle London was founded in 2009 by Italian-Canadian design duo Simona Brunozzi Moro and Steffanie Brown. Naming the company Laviandbelle after their daughters Lavinia and Isabel, Simona and Steffanie decided that their goal was to create handmade yet affordable jewellery for children and teens in response to the disposable mass-market jewellery on the high street. 

They began designing jewellery for children and teens for birthday gifts and charity fundraisers, and received feedback beyond anything they had expected. The children and teens loved that the style was different than what they found on the high street, and the mums appreciated the handmade, high-quality factor. They decided to add a range for women, and the rest is history. 

Known for their trademark individuality and craftsmanship, Simona and Steffanie rarely create the same design twice. From chains, delicate necklaces, bracelets, earrings and children’s pieces, to mother-daughter sets and jewellery for special occasions, each piece is handmade and exclusively designed and assembled in their Notting Hill studio. 

True to their founding principle, from season to season Steffanie and Simona always strive to create simple designs that are elegant and easy to wear. “Our goal is to combine individuality with quality workmanship and contemporary elegance at an affordable price. We think our customers would agree that the majority of Laviandbelle pieces can be taken from day to night, easily accessorising both casual and evening attire.” With a view to always creating pieces that are both unique and affordable (but look expensive!), Simona and Steffanie travel regularly and extensively throughout Europe and North America to source the best-quality materials for their collections. 

Laviandbelle jewellery can be purchase wholesale as well. Please contact Laviandbelle@gmail.com for enquiries.